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Who’s John Navarro? I was a mortgage and real estate broker with a back ground in business administration, accounting, and IT knowledge. I built my company as the market was sinking in 1994, when no one did. When the market was looking for answers, I was just hoping my answers and new vision would work. After the first ten years being in this business I found myself successful in all of the above. I worked with top agents who allowed me to sell their listing and gain insight about selling and building a client base. I learned how to use the open house as a tool for developing clients. I learned how to develop stradegies for exmple, how to have a open house that builds bridges and gains trust in order to establish new clients. Open Bank repos to enhance my opportunitywith the buying public as I help develop first time buyer programs with the mortgage side. In all, my career has shown me success along with some failures of which is why I am confident that my approach is new and fresh and built with confidence that it will work.

During the housing crisis I develop solutions as the housing crisis continued and lasted over seven years and still the lending antidotes have not been given to the public. I have decided to enter into the investment world knowing the difference of what will work and what will not. Once again using my experience, my knowledge of what will work by usisng the right team and fundementals. I will lead this team of which is made up of investors, real estate agents and loan officers to be included.  NFIS will be purchasing from various lenders and palces as we start this journey. We want to be proactive and confident about our execution and our conduct as we approach not only the lenders inventories but our distressed neightbors, in need of a solution. We have many solutions to gain individuals trust and how to resolve their outcome in a positive way.

We are looking forward to this journey and looking forward to making a difference with our investors and we see this journey as a team effort and nothing less.

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