Open for offers starting at $85K fire damage home in Apple Hill area

4 thoughts on “Open for offers starting at $85K fire damage home in Apple Hill area”

  1. This home located near the community of Camino near one of the best new areas for wine making named, Apple Hill. The growers of this community have made it a new venture/escape into these mountains for families to purchase fresh home made Apple Pie, Carmel Apple, and additional home made craft products. In some locations they offer horse rides, and pond for fishing and so much more… This location is becoming a place for travelers to go to. Its community is prospering with hundreds of visitors arriving every season staring from June 1st – October 31. Given the locals a reason to provide more products and establish higher new home values due to this growing new need to establish more living support in order to maintain this unique opportunity to grow and sale fresh products. So the possible new home 2 bed and bath value could be as much as $275K

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