My name again is John Navarro, Branch Manager, Loan Officer , Credit Analytes, Investor and Realtor for over 20 years. I am now semi retired and assisting new investors like you with making the right choices. I have had over 1000 successful real estate transactions and many more positive credit decisions. I know I can help you learn how to be successful so long as you follow the rules of investment.

  1. Understand your market, meaning, are the deals going up or down?
  2. Know how to answer questions like. Are there many investors taking the deals before you? Are there many cash buyers? Is the inventory low? Can you find deals? Are prices going up or down?
  3. Make your plan based on good information about the cost of repairs.
  4. Make the effort and try your plan first, be different, be brave and take your approach based on what you have learned.
  5. Do not try to invent a new wheel just consider your approach after you understand the positive or negative results.
  6. What are the steps? If you have to think, then go back and see my outline and see others too and remember the basic rules of 70%. Because anything above 71%- 90% the higher the final cost of your purchase the higher the risk.
  7. Be ready, which means have the down payment ready and understand your loan for the time period you are going to have it. Secondly, always understand the cost associated with how long you hold money.

Good luck and go apply.. Apply