Our Approach

Our approach,  “Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” Is to keep our program simple. After twenty years of teaching our investors we now have more ways to build credit lines up to 5,000,000.00 from 6.99% and up and limit charges to 1 point by the third transaction. Based on how they following our guidelines we give back for their success. As we do each project our clients will get a credit towards achieving a higher credit line on how well they follow and track repair estimates and make the right choices as they flip. Each Participate or non participate will learn how to make safe money, grow their money, in a faster pace for success. Our work is something distinct and interesting because of our intentions to help others as we teach how to invest, build wealth and track all assets. How repairs effect margins of profit. This is why NFIS makes a difference and set its self apart from others in the same industry. You succeed, we all succeed.

Our Story

We know how to help others and make money.., We will talk about why and how things work and set up goals to meet or beat…and we work as a team always…

I believe in teaching others how to succeed in any field that you love to be in. Investing takes many approaches and ours is just a different way of doing business and moving forward as we build for life.

John M Navarro  Founder & CEO

I Moved from Monterey area where I grew up to move to Sacramento in 1988 to finish school at CSUS graduated in the filed of  Organizational Business, AA in Administration and Accounting with IT back ground and ultimately getting married right after school. In 1991, John first worked in finance, collections and learned about credit as he became a credit analysts and then a branch manager of a top financial institution and had much success. In 1994, John decided to open his own company with lots more success but the housing market presented another challenge in 2004-2010. John was then asked to work with Covered California Health program so he took a break from real estate and in 2016 decided to come back it was time to re-enter the market with success and decided to build a team.

Bonnie Navarro

Vice President/Agent

Bonnies has been an agent for ten years working in the heart of Sacramento and loves fighting for the right price and home for her clients… Also is rated four paws because she loves animals as well.

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