Product / Step #1

Navarro’s Financial Investment Solutions, has the personnel that has been working with lenders, investors and individuals for over 20 years. We have sold hundreds of investments while teaching our clients the Art of buying or Advantages of Real Estate Investing. Our properties are chosen for their rehab potential and investment merit. Each Investment is evaluated with our SIA Analysis Tool. Our Company will start by providing a selection of Real Estate investment opportunities one to two investments at a time. (Look for the start button) You will become part of NFIS investor group that will have a set time, as he or she, chooses how much to participate, and the property including the level of participation. A single investment can earn Our investor 10%-30% return in a three to six month period. Each investment will have a full disclosure for the timeline and Value for you to make a decision.

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Product / Step #2

Our vision is finding investments that have a need to create an opportunity for our investors, owners and lenders that we can learn from as we buy and then sell to the open market. NFIS may at times decide to keep a investment for revenue purposes as we review each project need… We will also have seminars for those investors that want some hands on work in order to increase their knowledge as we move to expand our services forward. We will consider each investor individual interest and use each subject investment as a learning possibility to gain experience. The investor may choose to be part of the learning event or not on each home for a real source that teaches the how’s and why’s. So pick up a 200 page notebook for those that will join us at times and start taking notes.

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Product / Step #3

The company goal is for each investor to build on invested funds as we move forward and diversify our investments. NFIS, will use some of its own profits to continue to foster other individuals as we work towards growing our goal to 1,000,000…within the next three year period. It is our hope as you join our journey that you will learn and consider other opportunities as we share our ideas with you. NFIS will promise to present a completed outline of each subject investment and provide and provide a detail step by step opportunity that will earn income for each period of time. NFIS will always continue to refine each different approach as we extend our learning avenues and continue to create a difference that leads the way. NFIS, is thankful for you and your trust in us for taking our opportunity as we build our relationship as one team.

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Our Main Message

My name is John M Navarro, I am the CEO of NFIS, my essential idea is to make money and form a team and teach on each investment project we start on and finish. NFIS, experience has always been about helping others, this has been the most important part in succeeding. I have over twenty years in the real estate and mortgage business field and having a program in place allows us to make money. I have sold and negotiated over a thousand transactions that ended in a positive and successful outcome and I paln to do the same with our properties. I am confident that we will create a great opportunity as we develop our team. So thank you for your trust and your participation.


Call to action…

This is for the investor who seeks to make us a investment offer or customer’s to give us a call to check on what inventory we have. We call this (a call to action). Please feel free to call us and give us a financial quote for us to entertain your investment opportunity or to answer your question. 1-800-386-7356 ext.12 and ask for John..

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